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10 Companies that Offer Period Leaves

10 Companies that Offer Period Leaves

Do you remember when #periodleave had taken over the internet with all kinds of opinions about it?

https://twitter.com/BDUTT/status/1293138534975467520?s=20 ─ When Barkha Dutt said that period leaves ghettoize women.

https://twitter.com/drkamnakakkar/status/1293430744866418690?s=20 ─ Anecdotes that simply made people think “Why’s there a debate? Offer period leave, period”. 

https://twitter.com/trinleighh/status/1293239621896241154?s=20 ─ Non-negotiable “OFFER PAID PERIOD LEAVES” tweets.  

Is it safe to say that these, a million other messages and this movement did shake things up and made companies take a step? Well, whoever caused it, did well because we’ve got a list of 12 companies that offer period leaves now. And, we’d like to believe that there will be many more. 

  1. Zomato

Zomato’s female and transgender employees can avail upto 10 period leaves each year. Deepinder, CEO & Founder of Zomato made a detailed announcement in this blog post. 

2. Swiggy

Along with a two-day paid period time-off every month for regular women employees, Swiggy is also allowing access to sanitary facilities and precautionary measures for their safety.

3. Wet & Dry

Women employees of Wet and Dry, a health and wellness company based in Delhi, can take upto two days off each month. They also have an option to avail paid leave and work from home. 

4. Culture Machine

Culture Machine is a digital media startup based in Mumbai that offers its female employees to take an off on their first day of the period.

5. Mathrubhumi 

Inspired by this move, a Malayalam media organisation called Mathrubhumi, also began the same policy. 

6. FlyMyBiz

Female employees of FlyMyBiz, a digital media company, can take one leave each month.

7. Gozoop Online

Gozoop, another digital media company based in Mumbai is offering a menstrual leave policy that also gives their female employees an option to work from home. 

8. Magzter

Magzter is a digital magazine based in Chennai that allows its employees to take one day off each month either on their first or second day of the period. 

9. Byju’s

Byju’s offers 12 period leaves annually, with an option to avail either one day each month or two half days. 

10. Horses Stable News

Along with female employees of Horses Stable News, a Bangalore-based startup, even married male employees get a day off to take care of their spouses. 

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