Home Business Divya Goenka & The Pink Moon – Celebrating Every Body Type

Divya Goenka & The Pink Moon – Celebrating Every Body Type

Divya Goenka & The Pink Moon – Celebrating Every Body Type

You’re not meant to fit into clothes. They’re meant to fit you.

Inclusivity was at its best when someone decided to turn this impeccable statement into a brand in itself. Because shopping is only fun until you can’t find your size; until it starts feeling like the whole store is punishing you for not having the “perfect” body; and until the experience that you thought would be relaxing begins to stress you out. If we want to buy that amazing faux leather jacket or anything else at all, something as insignificant as size shouldn’t stop us, right? Well, today, we’re taking a look at Divya Goenka, the founder of The Pink Moon, a clothing brand for plus-size women. 

The Pink Moon was born when Divya analysed the lack of clothing options for plus-sized women and went on to create her line. Most brands had almost nothing for women above an XL, and that’s where her company stepped in. They focus on sizes ranging from XXL to 6XL.

Divya Goenka noticed that most brands had almost nothing to offer for women above an XL and that problem gave birth to her start-up, The Pink Moon. They focus on sizes ranging from XXL to 6XL, leaving no one behind. Today, The Pink Moon is the go-to brand for when women want to feel comfortable and confident in everything from pyjamas to blazers. 

We believe that The Pink Moon’s success is not only because of their inclusivity factor, but the value they provide beyond that. In a conversation with Amazon as a part of Amazon Saheli, Divya Goenka opened up about the details that go into each piece they create. Everything from the material to the tiny details like zips and buttons is chosen to provide maximum comfort. And that every garment is extensively tested on women of all shapes to make sure it’s completely ready for consumers. 

“To me, a classic trend is to be comfortable. Because when you feel good, you look good.”

Our clothes should uplift us, hit us like a breath of fresh hair, and make us feel like our best goddamn selves. And brands like The Pink Moon help us make such empowered choices. 



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