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My bubble. My space.

My bubble. My space.

I wake up to the beam of light entering my room through the gaps in my lilac curtains. It’s 9 a.m., the earliest I can manage on a Saturday. I head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee while Alexa plays my usual. And as I complete the morning chores, I look forward to getting some work done in my favourite corner of my house, my work desk. It’s as clichéd as it gets. There’s a pretty lamp, the book I’m currently reading, and an antique vase yet to be filled…

Ummm… personal space, what?

While the Genz is all out with the concept of personal space, many Indian households are not even remotely aware of the importance of personal space, which is not so much of a concept but more of a necessity. 

So today we are talking about the importance of personal space and how it helps in the maintenance of sanity. 

Personal space is the region surrounding a person that they regard as psychologically theirs. Most people value their personal space and feel discomfort, anger, or anxiety when it is invaded. Although this is the psychological definition, I believe that personal space is not just limited to physical invasion. It counts as invading even if it is violating the mental space of a person, i.e., spiritually as well as intellectually.

As we are Decoding Draupadi let’s dive into the various situations where we, as women, face some problems in regards to personal space.

Many of us aren’t even aware of the fact that personal space is a necessity and that it would improve our overall well-being. As women with families, we have to play so many roles with care and affection, keeping in mind everyone’s choices and dislikes, that at the end of the day, it gets really exhausting for us too. Getting up early with the first ray of sunshine, getting chores done, grooming the children, taking care of the in-laws first, and putting ourselves last. If this is what your day looks like, then you know it’s lacking personal space! 

Does it get any better for women who work? Well, not after the “work from home” setting. The freedom to work and only work in offices is now interrupted by the feminine urge to take care of our loved ones first.

Lack of personal space isn’t an issue for just older women. Even women in their 20s struggle with this. From tackling work, family, and friends and the constant struggle to prove to the world that “I’M NO LESS THAN A MAN,” we deserve some mental peace at the end of each day.

So to all of the women out there, I urge you to set boundaries for yourself and your acquaintances. Some boundaries shouldn’t be crossed. Beyond that border, that space should be just for you. That should be your personal space, where you can be YOU, JUST FOR YOU.


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