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Choose Independence From Your Couch

Choose Independence From Your Couch

Side Hustles for Women at Home

Every one of us wants to live a king-size…uh-huh queen-size life where we can savour all kinds of delicacies, travel to every corner of the world, shop from luxury brands, and achieve a million other dreams. 

Most of us are working hard every day to treat ourselves and our respective families to these luxuries of life. Working women are very well able to juggle both work and their household but the housewives, new moms and the girls who are still in college find it tough to work full-time while keeping up with their chores and studying.

These women have dreams and aspirations too. Everybody likes to earn their own money as the pride and joy of spending something self-earned is extremely satisfying. After all, nobody likes to stretch their hand in front of someone to fulfil their needs and wants.

I have witnessed that so many, in fact, almost every other lady in my family circle is dependent on their spouse even for the smallest of their expenses. While it may be their personal choice, I can surely say that at least some of them rely on their better halves only because they are clueless about making money on their own. If they had the right opportunity or the ideas or even the perfect encouragement they would be quite eligible to stand on their feet and that feeling would be a pathway to pride and liberation for them.  

So below are listed some of the side hustles that you can pick up according to your skills and interests.

  • Affiliate Marketing 

Simply said, affiliate marketing is a method of making money by suggesting items or services to a specific audience. Click here to know about affiliate marketing.

  • Design and sell: T-shirts

You’ve probably seen T-shirts with strange phrases or cool artwork. You may be the mastermind behind them and make a nice profit. Check out this article to know more.

  • Proofread and make money.

Proofreaders have a single goal: to guarantee that a piece of writing is completely error-free in terms of grammar and vocabulary. Take a glimpse and start a tour proofreading job now.

  • Start a YouTube channel.

Youtube is yet another platform that helps you multiply your income. Here’s how you can get started by creating a youtube channel.

  • Tutor kids.

Have a deep knowledge of any subject? This is your sign to get paid by it as well. How To Start A Tutoring Business.

  • Start a Blog.

Get paid to put your views out? Sounds great, right? Go and check these easy ways to earn some side money through your blogs.

  • Manage social media accounts.

Got no experience managing social media? No problem, we got you. Take a look at this article that helps you become a social media manager with no experience.

  • Sell your crafts online.

There are many websites and marketplaces that help you sell your handmade products on the internet. Check this out to know more about it.

  • Become a freelance writer.

Take an extra step and read this blog to help you ace your freelancing career.

  • Become an Instagram influencer.

Here are some very simple yet effective ways to start up your influencer career.

  • Grow and monetize your Instagram account.

Instagram is undoubtedly the app with the largest number of active users. Here are some of the ways you can earn through your account.

Imagine earning on your own, not asking your partner or anyone for any pocket money, spending and saving onto your own free will. Plus, the additional income for the house also means an increased spending limit! Doesn’t that sound just amazing?

We can’t wait for you to try these options and show the world how it is done!

All the best. Own it, gurl!


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