Home Life Hacks “So what if I’m travelling alone? I got it!”

“So what if I’m travelling alone? I got it!”

“So what if I’m travelling alone? I got it!”

6 Tips to Solo Travel Like a Pro

Imagine stepping in Paris, unchaperoned, sounds familiar? I’ll tell you where you’ve seen it. The story of Rani Mehra aka Queen from the movie Queen. If you’ve seen the movie you must be already experiencing flashbacks of this one-of-a-kind movie. I mean Kangana played the character so amazingly, it was an eye-pleaser for sure. Ahhh coming to the character of Rani Mehra – a homely girl. After Rani’s fiancé called off the wedding, she decided to go on her pre-planned honeymoon trip to Europe alone. A step that required a hell of a lot of courage. Stepping into an unknown continent unescorted, moving around different people, places, languages, cultures and even the time zones. Although this all may sound very terrifying, some kick to it also makes it look very exciting. 

Imagine going to a place where everyone’s a stranger; away from daily household chores, usual routine, family, work stress and an endless list of troubles. And what’s magical about a country where nobody knows you? It’s a no-judgement zone. Well, all of this is what solo travelling feels like. And trust me, I know that every one of us is dying to have this at least one trip with no one but ourselves. 

But not everybody has a friend like Vijayalakshmi, how Rani has someone who will look out for you. no problem, I can be the Vijayalakshmi to your Rani, in spirit obviously.

And, that’s the reason I’m listing a few very important safety tips that are a must before you hit the road.

Make sure you know everything there is to know about the destination.

Find out everything about the place you’re going to. You should have all the essential details of the locality like the food, the viable mode of transport, peak hours and more. So, take some time out to read and watch all about your destination! 

Choose the right accommodation.

An extremely important aspect of travelling solo is your accommodation choice. Make sure that the hotel or hostel has a 24-hour front desk to prevent any emergencies, and inquire about the place to understand if it matches your needs. For budget trips, a lot of hostels today offer female-only dorms as well. 

Stay aware of your surroundings.

As a solo traveler, you need to stay alert (not paranoid) of your whereabouts. Keep an eye out for potential dangers. Look (and feel) confident and try to blend into the crowd because looking anxious might attract conmen and muggers. Another way to avoid falling into trouble is researching the place you’re visiting and its peak hours. 

Carry your documents everywhere with you.

I know how careless I am with my documents. That’s the reason why I suggest you keep a file handy, wherein you can keep all your documents safe and ready for use. 

Keep someone you trust updated on your whereabouts.

Always keep someone you trust up to date about the current location and plan for the day. If necessary, send them a copy of your tour itinerary. 

Transit safely, especially at night.

Travelling alone in your own locality at night is also dangerous, and travelling alone in a virgin country is exposing yourself to the threat. So, make sure you walk nearby families or groups of people to prevent any harm.

And last but not least always have pepper spray or hair spray on you. You can use the tip of your heels, that works fine too. So, ladies, I hope you have packed all of this in your backpack and are ready to let go of all of the burdens off your chest. And hey, consider this blog as a sign to take that long-overdue solo trip you’ve been planning for ages.  

Bon Voyage and stay safe babe!


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