Home Business Sonali & Savitri ─ Reaching for the Stars Through Instagram

Sonali & Savitri ─ Reaching for the Stars Through Instagram

Sonali & Savitri ─ Reaching for the Stars Through Instagram

On the shores of Juhu Beach in Mumbai, Sonali, a mehndi artist from Kohlapur, sat each evening with a cone in her hand, eager to create art on strangers’ hands and strike up a conversation. Hailing from a small family in Kolhapur, Sonali’s family couldn’t afford to pay for school after 7th grade. However, her incomplete education didn’t stop her from dreaming big, and she went on to create opportunities for herself.

Don’t wait for a door to open. Just break it.

Sonali wanted to learn mehndi professionally, but couldn’t afford to do so. And that’s when she set out to get better at it by just beginning! Applying mehndi at Juhu was just the first step in her journey to building a mehndi business; the next came after she got married.

As professional mehndi classes were too expensive, Sonali’s husband gifted her a mobile phone, after which she was able to improve her designs with the help of online tutorials and a lot of practice. While there was support from her spouse, she also faced criticism from her extended family for wanting to work. But, nothing could stop her. Today, Sonali has over 36,000 followers on Instagram, creates cool lip-sync videos, and runs a rising mehndi business. After Juhu, Sonali set up a stall to sell artificial jewellery in Kolhapur and now shares her mehndi expertise with the customers. 

Sonali’s story is a living example of what happens when we shift focus from the lack of opportunities around us to the potential we have to create them. And just like the internet and Instagram paved the way for the world to see Sonali from Kohlapur, they put another duo in the spotlight as well. 

Dance in a fancy studio? No! Dance where you are!

Savitri and her brother Sanatan live in Jharkhand and are famous for their dance videos across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. They mainly dance to regional and Bollywood music and often create short sketches as well. Their Instagram account, handled by Sanatan, has over 136k followers. Their content validates that dance is what they truly enjoy, whether it’s on the road with disco lights or in a backyard that’s flooded with water. 

The audience they’ve built and the love they get on the internet shows that talent triumphs over factors like location and aesthetics. All you’ve got to do is show up and show good!


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