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“I just don’t give a fuck anymore!”

“I just don’t give a fuck anymore!”

Women on what they enjoy about ageing.

Do you remember the first time you found more than one grey strand of hair and hated it? The first time you realised that you’re yet to take that one trip on your “before I turn 40” list? Or, the first time you noticed that your eyes might need an eye cream to glow again? 

Everyone’s “I’m ageing” moment is different and personal, but it might feel equally agitating. This isn’t because ageing is bad, it’s because we’re only reminded of the awful part. So, I went on a quest to discover the good things about ageing and found insane similarities when a few women opened up on this subreddit. 

Oh, the liberating feeling of not giving a damn anymore!

More confidence, less fucks. Ageing doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? Here are a few more things that we begin to appreciate more as we age. 

  1. Wrinkles? No, cheekbones and amazing facial structures!

2. Well, you might end up loving your grey hair.

3. An endless list: Emotional growth, maturity, confidence and hey, no acne?

So, while puberty felt like a major glow up, ageing is the REAL thing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and embrace it as it comes.

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