DD x Your Most Enthusiastic Photographers

Campus Chapters

Over the next two months, we’re collaborating with college students enthusiastic about photography to build a library of Indian women pictures.

We want to upload 100 pictures of Indian women on stock sites

What can you expect?


This is a collaboration between our team and yours. Together, we want to conceptualise and capture high-quality images for stock websites.

To begin with, we’ve finalised three collections – watch here.


If you’re aware of the underrepresentation of brown women,

If you want to build an inclusive narrative,

If you’re passionate about representation,


We don’t need you to write to us explaining why this interests you. Till you’re clear, dedicated, and excited, we’re good!


At the end of this engagement, we expect high-quality images that can be uploaded to stock websites. During this process, we will guide you through each step (ideation to execution). From you, we’d only need time, decent photography skills, and an eye for detail!