If you’re aware of underrepresentation of brown women,


If you want to build inclusive narrative,


If you’re passionate about representation,


#ShowDontTell was created for you.


Here’s a quick exercise to see how and which women are represented

Run a google image search for any activity. Picnics. Bachelorettes. Board rooms. Pools. Beaches. Travelling. Adventure.



White women? Black women? The world wide web and the Google Search Engine is rather imperialist and racist. Not just with babies’ hands.

Come back to our example. Unless you explicitly look for women of other ethnicities, you are going to be hard pressed to find even one in 50 images that represent us.

And that is not okay. Think about a young child in Mumbai, looking to make a presentation on women empowerment. Or a blogger looking for stock images to talk about bachelorette party ideas. What will the child think if all they see are white women? On a blog article, what is the impression that such images make? That only white people are clickable? That only they live a certain kind of life? That being brown is the sum total of a brown woman’s identity, that she is on the margins, whereas white is the default?

We hang out. We go to clubs. We celebrate the end of our singledom. We are leaders. We relax by the beach. But we are nowhere to be seen.

As changemakers, we cannot just sit back and wait for the world to come around. For someone, somewhere to realise that representation matters everywhere, in the digital world too, and then fix their algorithm one issue at a time.


Showing the world that an inclusive narrative of representation means.

If you are a photographer, drop us a message for collaboration. We will brainstorm together to build Theme-specific images to be later uploaded on stock image websites under pre-decided catagories. For an example of how that will look, check out our first campaign with photographer Saurabh Jain

The Decoding Draupadi Photoshoot

Submit Your Photographs

We’re building the following collections to submit entries on stock sites.

The work edit

This will include women at work. These could be baristas, founders, cab-drivers, etc.

Out and about
Think of women out in the world simply being themselves – exercising, driving, playing a sport, anything at all!
We are looking for women sitting together, chatting. In colleges, a picnic, cafes, parties, etc.