Decoding Draupadi is a

working woman’s best friend.

We are a women-first, for-profit social enterprise.

Our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal is to touch the lives of 48.41% of India’s population. We build content assets and services that help women progress at work.

We have been at it for the last two years. And have given all our ideas an honest shot.

We are building a platform to amplify the voices of women in leadership. We run a women-only community of 500+ creative freelancers. We host a podcast with female experts, leading conversations that are pertinent to women in 2024. And tons more.

If any one of these strikes a chord, you are already a part of DD’s ecosystem.

We just need to exchange Hellos! 👋 

What Do We Do?


Open dialogue paves the way for change. With our content, we want to lead fresh conversations that resonate with the working women of today. Join our dialogue on women’s health, careers, finance and relationships via LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.


Our guiding philosophy with each platform, project and initiative we build is: Does this help women progress at work? With this in mind, we’re working on diverse solutions for women at all career stages. Read about Draupadi on the Dais and Draupadi at Work.


We recognize the power of connection. Which is why we stand to create spaces for knowledge sharing, mentorship, and collaboration. And to amplify the impact, we bring these communities together offline, fostering real-world connections that solidify the virtual bonds.


Draupadi at Work

DaW is an attempt to help women in the creative field find flexible opportunities and have more autonomy over projects they lead. Currently, this is a vetted WhatsApp group for women freelancers on the lookout for interesting opportunities. 

Draupadi on the Dais


We are here to make your stage, your panels and your conferences diverse, inclusive, and truly representative by building a network of women speakers and experts. 

Show, Don’t Tell

With #ShowDontTell, we are pledging to show the world what an inclusive narrative of representation means. If you’re a passionate photographer, this is for you. 

Shop 2023

Shop from our kickass, but limited range of posters (for corporates and individuals) and stickers along with a calendar featuring 12 artists and their expressions of a woman.

Marketing Services

We are also a marketing agency committed to empowering and amplifying the voices of women in business by designing campaigns that understand and speak to their needs.

Anthology of Women’s Stories


The theme of the anthology is ‘Women and their many lives’,  through which we hope to capture the layers, nuances, challenges, and pleasures of being a woman in South Asia today.

To each woman, the very mention of Draupadi invokes a curry of emotions. Draupadi was vain. Draupadi was proud. Draupadi was even the trigger for all the destruction that followed. But then, wasn’t she also brave, strong-willed and as resilient as a rock?