The one with unbending will,
The one world finds difficult to perceive,
The one rising up stronger in the face of all challenges,
Is it Draupadi?
Is it Us All?

To each woman, the very mention of Draupadi invokes a curry of emotions. Draupadi was vain. Draupadi was proud. Draupadi was even the trigger for all the destruction that followed. But then, wasn’t she also brave, strong-willed and as resilient as a rock?

Draupadi was truly one of her kind.

She came from a pit of fire, black as kohl, and went on to be the reason for the fall of the greatest dynasty of all time. No wonder she is an enigma. She’s venerable and yet she’s an object of hatred. She’s gorgeous and yet was called Krishnaa. She was as crude as an object for a few and for some, she was as pure as love. She had suitors that were willing to conquer the tallest mountains and yet were unable to fathom the depth of her heart that went deeper than the deepest crevice at the floor of the ocean.

No wonder each woman shares something in common with Draupadi. And each woman continues to be as misunderstood and misinterpreted as she was.

Don’t you think some amount of vanity is self-love? Haven’t they mistaken confidence for pride? Most importantly, don’t you think these need to be responded to? Fixed? Tackled?

And this is exactly what Decoding Draupadi aims to do!

We’ll attempt to understand each woman, decode each Draupadi. And bring her story to life. Come join us and let’s decode Draupadi. Together.