To shatter the glass ceiling we often talk about, we need to first identify it. When we attempted to do that at Decoding Draupadi, we observed that one of the reasons women find it tough to progress is the lack of choice.

For a moment, if we were to acknowledge some very evident truths like –

  • Women primarily shoulder the responsibility of a household;
  • Deal with unconscious biases while climbing the ladder;
  • Manage the consequences of choosing to have a family AND a job;

We would begin to see some checkpoints in a woman’s life that have a chance of putting a hard stop to her career.

And so, we often ask ourselves and try to decode whether women have enough avenues to manage their personal and professional lives.

And our WhatsApp community is a result of such Whys and Whats.

Our ‘For Women Freelancers 💄‘ group is an attempt to help more women find flexible opportunities that enable them to manage various spheres of their lives. Basically, give them more choices.

This choice and flexibility may also translate into space for growth, lower pay gap disparity compared to full-time positions and more autonomy over the projects they lead.

For now, we are focusing on curating opportunities in the creative space. We believe that the barrier to entry is low, thus becoming the easiest way to make equal pay and autonomy of decision the default.

In case you’d like to be added to it, or share it with a friend, here’s the link.

Until Next Time,

Decoding Draupadi